Reorder Front End and Back End Articles in Joomla 3

Some people who are new to Joomla find that reordering articles can be a little confusing.

Many people think that if they reorder articles through the Article Manager (in the back end), the articles should appear in that same order on the front end. Wrong! When they check the articles on the front end, they're often surprised to find that the ordering hasn't changed! That's because the sorting of articles in Joomla's front end and back end is not related.

How's how it's done:

Back End - Reorder Articles in the Article Manager

Click on Content > Article Manager

Next click on the up/down arrows. By clicking and holding your cursor over the three dots, you can use Joomla's drag and drop feature to move and reorder your articles accordingly.

The other way of reordering is to you the drop down filter at the top right corner of the administrator page. But this is a little tricky, and I generally prefer the drag and drop feature mentioned.

Front End: Reorder your Articles in the Menu Manager

Except for single articles, blog style articles are displayed through the menu manager as "Category Blogs". Joomla by default displays your articles by date order. This means that the latest article will appear at the very top of the page, followed by earlier posts. Though this is the easiest way to reorder your articles, there are several other ways to reorder your articles.

Click on Menu > Menu Manager and select the menu you want to reorder. When this menu opens up, check that the Menu Item Type is set to "Category Blog".

Next, click open the "Blog Layout" tab > and go to "Article Order". Click on the drop-down button and select "Most Recent First".

By selecting the most recent articles first, you effectively select to display articles by date order, starting with the most recent articles displaying first. You may select something different, but I have found that reordering articles by their chronlogical date order is one of the best ways to reorder your articles - and not just with menus, you can also reorder articles by date order when you use modules (such as with the "Latest News" module).

Once you have made the changes, go to the front end of your Joomla website, refresh the page and you should see the articles displayed according to the new article order.