How to Use FileZilla to Upload your Joomla 3 Files

Once you download your copy of Joomla, you need an FTP program like FileZilla to transfer your files over to your web server. In this tutorial we will use a free FTP software called FileZilla to move your files. An FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) is a special type of software which allows you to easily transfer files to and from your web server.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

1. Connecting to your Web Server

Before you upload your files to a web server, you need to configure FileZilla so that it connects with your web server. Make sure that you also have the ftp details to your web server, this is usually provided to you by your web hosting company.

The first thing to do is to store all of your FTP connection details in the Site Manager of FileZilla.

To do this, go to File > Site Manager

you will need to create a new site in FileZilla by clicking on "New Site" and entering the following details:

  • Host - this is usually begins with "ftp" followed by your domain, such as
  • Logon Type - Set to Normal
  • User - enter the user provided by your host
  • Password - enter the password provided by your host

Once you enter those details click on the "Connect" button and FileZilla will instantly connect to your web server.

2. Upload your Files

Once you're connected to your web server, you will need to drag and drop the files from your desktop over to the "public_html" on your web server. Depending on your bandwidth and file size, this may take a few minutes or several minutes to complete.

Once your files have been uploaded to your web server, you can now run the installation process for Joomla. We'll cover that in the next tutorial.