How to Select Web Hosting for Joomla 3

This part of the tutorial looks at how to select a web host for Joomla. The easiest way to get started is to pay a monthly fee and rent web-space with a reputable web hosting company. In order to have install and activate Joomla, you will need to buy a domain name and a web hosting package that includes MySQL database and that will also support PHP.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

It’s not hard to find a web hosting company that will meet Joomla’s web hosting requirements. Expect to pay around $8-10 for shared web hosting, which should get you around 5GB of storage space and 100GB of monthly data transfer.

However, before venturing into renting a web space, you should consider installing Joomla on your local computer. This has the advantage that Joomla will run faster, and that you won't need to pay any monthly fees. For the Windows operating system, you can set up a local server using a preconfigured package such as WAMP (or MAMP for Mac OS x), which you unpack on your computer and everything you need is there.

Joomla has some technical requirements, such as an Apache web server, PHP scripting language and he MySQL database. You will need to consult with your web hosting provider as to what version of PHP and MySQL is offered.