Create a Database Using MySQL Database Wizard

In order for you to begin installing Joomla 3, you must have a web server set up that supports PHP and a database to support Joomla. Assuming you have paid to rent out a web server, your next step is to create a database using MySQL Database Wizard.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

In the video tutorial, I have MySQL Database Wizard installed on my cPanel account. MySQL Database Wizard is an easy way for beginners to easily create their own MySQL database. You will need to record these details and keep them in a safe place for use later during the installation of Joomla. Your web hosting company may have a different control panel, so instead of cPanel, they may have installed Plesk. Check with your web hosting company if my example is different to what your web hosting company provides for you.

Don't worry if php, MySQL or anything else I mention here make you queasy, I can promise you, the process is easier than it sounds and you won't need any prior technical background to get going.

1. Log in to cPanel

Find and click on the "MySQL Database Wizard" icon.

2. Create a New User, Database name and Password

The MySQL database wizard will walk you through the creation of a user, database name and password. Once you create these three items, they should be displayed. You will also need to select "All Privileges" and click on the "Next Step" button to add the user to the database.

Make sure that you record your username, database and password details. You will need these details during the installation of Joomla 3. Your MySQL details should look similar to the example below:


That's it! The next stage is to use the information from MySQL Wizard to install Joomla.