Overview of Joomla 3 Installation

This is a quick overview of the requirements for installing Joomla 3. We discuss the difference between locally hosting Joomla on a computer vs on a web host, minimum requirements and software like WAMP and MAMP.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Joomla isn't a typical software that you can install and run on your computer. It requires a sever, programming language and database. You can install and run Joomla on any computer as long as your computer meet these requirements.

Requirements for Running Joomla

Here is a summary of what you need:

  • Web Sever (Apache)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Programming language (PHP)

When you install Joomla, you should check and verify that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the latest version of Joomla. You can do this by visiting the technical requirements page at Joomla.org.

If you're a complete beginner, don't fret over what "PHP", "MySQL" or "Apache" means. Even if you've never heard or used such programs, you can still run and install Joomla without having to turn to your computer geek friend for help.

Running Joomla on your Computer

If you want to install and run Joomla on your own computer, you will need to download and run either WAMP (for Windows PC) or MAMP (for Mac OS). These software are free for download and they come prepackaged with a compilation of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

For instructions on how to install and run these software, head over to the following website for more tutorials and resources:

WAMP (for Windows PC)

MAMP (for Mac OS)

Should you Install Joomla on your Computer or Buy Web Hosting Space?

My recommendation for most beginners is not to install Joomla on your computer, but to rent server space from a web hosting company. There are a few disdvantages to installing Joomla on your personal computer. The two biggest issue is getting help, and the difficulty of moving your Joomla website from your computer to a web host. Since you will eventually need to move your website onto a web hosting platform, why not save yourself the hassle and build your Joomla site online?

So, unless you're the type of person that enjoys tweaking and configuring your computer, you're better off spending your time on the fun and creative stuff - publishing articles and building your Joomla website!