Set GST as the Default Tax Rate

In Part 1 of our tutorial, we setup Hikashop to calculate the 10% GST component. In this second tutorial, we will apply the GST tax rate from the first tutorial so that it becomes the default tax rate for everything we sell.


rates (2)

When you created the GST Tax Rate, your rate was saved in the Rates screen. If you're not in this screen, you can get there by clicking on System > Taxes > Manage Rates. You should now see the GST tax rate you previously.


taxes (2)

We will now use the GST tax rate and apply it as the default tax rate.

Click System > Taxes



Click the New icon.



You should see the following page titled Tax Rule. Now do the following:



Set the 1) Tax Category to "Default Tax Category" and click on the 2) Edit button icon (the pencil and notepad icon) next to "Zone".



In the pop-up box, click the checkbox next to Australia.



Scroll back up and click on OK.



You have now set GST as the default tax rate for all your taxes.


saveandclose (2)

Navigate to the upper right hand side of your screen and click Save & Close.



Your screen should now close and look like the above screen.


Make sure that you click the red circle to publish this rate as the default tax rate.

There is one final step to do before we're done.