Getting Started with Google+

Getting Started with Google+

Image: Kenny Louie

My first impression of Google+ was that it was a ghost town. Like many first time users, I thought that it was just another Facebook-like platform. At the time, I didn’t know anyone on Google+, and the “friend requests” I sent were to complete strangers. But several posts and +1’s later, I was hooked on the power and potential of Google+.


Google+ was launched on the 28th of June 2011, on a "trial" basis, and within a week Google confirmed that 10 million users had already signed up. By the end of 2012, that figure had now jumped up to 400 million users, making Google+ the fastest growing social network in history.

Though these numbers are quite impressive, why would someone who had been happily Facebooking and Tweeting away for years, bother with a new social media platform? By focusing on search alone, Google had found itself in a less than influential position, particularly now that people’s lives were revolving around the use of social media. But all of this is going to change with the advent of Google+. Armed with a far more advanced social platform, Google is changing it's search results and algorithms in an attempt to change the social media landscape.

I hope that this guide is useful in helping you to set up your Google+ Business Page. If something has worked for you… or is baffling you, please feel free to send to contact me. I can't guarantee that I will be able to respond to each and every email, but I promise I will try to get back to you.