Add your Profile Photo

Once you set up your business page, the first thing that you would want to do is to upload a company logo or photo to your profile. I prefer to upload my a photo and create a banner for the business. Most people are more likely to interact with you if they see a person behind the image.


For the best result, make sure that your image is 500px x 500px in size.

    1. Click on "Change profile photo" icon.


    1. Click on the "Select a photo from your computer" button.
    2. Next select a profile photo or logo to upload. Remember that your image should be 500px x 500px in size to get the best results. Once your image is uploaded you will be prompted to make further adjustments.
    3. Once you're happy with the image, click on "Set as profile photo" button.
    4. In the next screen, fill out a 1) short description and 2) click on the “share” button.


    1. You should now see your business page with your profile photo.
      If you navigate to the home page, you should also see your new profile photo as a post in the "All" stream.