Terms of Service

AAAMAZING websites specializes in creating website systems so that anyone with the most "basic" computer skills can learn to manage their own website with. To ensure that our pricing remains competitive, we occasionally review and make changes our policies on this website.


Time Blocks
Our minimum charge for the provision of a service is $89.00, unless specified otherwise. We charge in 30 minute time blocks, and additional time is billed to the next time block

Hourly Rate
Our basic hourly rate is as follows:

  • Rate: $89 per hour
  • Call-out fee: $110 for the first hour, then $89 every hour thereafter.

After Hours Support
Work performed on client request:

9am and 5pm - Monday to Friday (AEST): normal rate

After hours -Monday to Friday (AEST): normal rate + 50%

All day Saturday & Sunday: 200%

Payment Terms
Our standard payment terms are 7 days. Charges must be paid in full, UNLESS there is an exception such as in the following cases:

  • there is an active dispute open on the invoice in question
  • there is a previous written agreement in place to modify the standard payment terms
  • No work will be commenced without prepayment for services except in these cases: there is a previous written agreement that modifies this standard arrangement.

If a client of AAAMAZING websites requests support, and the support is deemed as urgent, we may at our discretion commence the work related to the support prior to receiving payment. In normal cases, any requests from clients will need to go through a quoting and approval process, and any invoices relating to the work or services will need to be paid in full prior to commencement of the work.

Late Payment Fees
We will provide you up to three notification letters on any overdue payments. We reserve the right to commence legal proceedings to recover any outstanding debt without further notice to you if you fail to settle your over due account as stipulated by our terms. You will be responsible for any associated court, legal fees or collection costs if we commence proceeding to recover any outstanding debt owed to us.

A compounding late payment fee is charged every 30 days at a rate of 20% to cover administration costs on our part.

Hosting Only Plans
Our hosting only plan is 12 months and is billed annually. The hosting only plan is only offerred to our clients who choose custom designed websites.

Third Party Contracts
We may contract with other individuals or companies acting on behalf of the Client to provide additional services such as writing, photography, illustration, printing and fabrication. The Client agrees to be bound by any terms or conditions, with respect to reproduction of the materials and timelines that may be imposed on AAAMAZING websites by these third parties. Should the manufacturing of a project become more complex due to reasons beyond the control of AAAMAZING websites, we will not be held responsible for delays in delivery.

Prior Work and Arrangements
When you agree to use our service, you agree that we will not be responsible or liable for any prior work, configurations or arrangements that was done by a third party to setup your email client(s), intranet, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. You agree that these devices will need to be setup set up by the original contractor and not by aaamazing websites. We will not be responsible for setting up your device, or take responsibility for the way they work as a result of switching over to our service.


Fair Use and Support Terms for Our Fixed Price Monthly Plans

Support Terms
The level of support for our fixed price monthly plans depend upon your monthly plan subscription level. Our starter plan means we spend a total of 60 minutes every three months, our Standard plan means we spend 60 minutes per month and our Premium plan means we spend 60 minutes per week. The support level for each package is available to a maximum time of 60 minutes or to 5 cases which ever comes first.
This does not apply if we have to do any of the following, in which case support time would be charged from the time we commence work on the case:

  • Purchase any extensions or services in order to complete the support query.
  • Provide any services which involve more than 5 minutes of research.
  • Provide any documentation which involves more than 5 minutes of work.

The 60 minutes of support is in addition to time that we spend backing up a website or providing content management system updates.

A $250 payment deposit is required before we commence any work on building your website. We begin charging the monthly subscription plan within 2 weeks of commencing work on your website. This is payable regardless of whether your website has published 'live' on the internet or not. All payment is due within 7 days of the date on the invoice. 

Upgrade/Down grading your Monthly Plans
You can upgrade to a higher monthly plan at any time, however you cannot downgrade to a lower monthly plan. You will need to notify in writing if you want to upgrade/down grade your plan.

Fixed Price Monthly Plan Buyout
Monthly plans are priced at $1495 per website if paid outright. Once you request an upgrade to a plan of higher value, and work has begun on upgrading your website you cannot downgrade to a plan of lower value.

The minimum term for subscription to any of our monthly plans is 12 months. After this period, the website can be purchased outright, or you can continue to pay your subscription on a month-by-month basis.

All monthly website packages can be purchased by paying the equivalent customised website package price. The option to purchase can be made on request at any time. The Quote to purchase your website before the first year will include the following:

  • the full value of the website package $1495.00
  • less any month-by-month fees paid
  • less the setup deposit fee paid of $250
  • After the first year the website can be purchased according to the following fee schedule:

  • Starter Monthly - $897
  • Standard Monthly - $177
  • Premium Monthly - $177
  • Upon full payment we provide the client with full ownership of their logo and full ownership of the layout, illustration and typography and any documentation that was created by AAAMAZING websites. 

    Please note that if content (including images, logos and text) is not received within 21 days from the start date of the project, the client will need to update the website with their own content.

    Any existing domain names that you order from us, or that we need to use to host your website, will need to first be cleared and under our management for us to be able to host your final website.