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Google Helpout - the New Marketplace for Live Help!

Google Helpout - the New Marketplace for Live Help!

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar, fix a computer problem or get parenting advise in the confort of your own home. Well now you can, with Google Helpout - a video sharing service that allows consumers to communicate live with an expert from anywhere in the world. Best of all, you can record the session and go over the parts you may have missed.

What is Google Helpout?

Essentially, it's a face-to-face, video calling tool which is integrated into Google+ (Google's own social media platform). You can share your desktop screen, send photos and participate in a live video conference with up to nine people - all for free! The service is designed to be used on either a desktop, smart phone or tablet device. Hangout takes video sharing further by offering a marketplace platform where you can sign up to provide your service to thousands of services anywhere around the world.

Get Paid by Sharing your Skills

If you have a particular set of skills, you can sign up and share your expertise and get paid for it. For businesses, Helpout is a great way for small business owner to add more value to their existing service, i.e. a Doctor could potentially provide private consultation to his or her client, while an IT professional could remotely troubleshoot a clients IT problem without having to needing to make an onsite visit. You can also offer your services either as a free, or as a paid service. You can even conveniently schedule to offer services around your existing schedule.

Part of the Google Helpouts policy entitles you a 100% money back garantee if you're not completely happy with the experience. If you want to sign up as a service provider, you must be at least 18 years of age.

When can I Join?

Currently, Helpout is under development by the Google+ team, and you can only sign up if you have an invitation code. If you have the invitation code, visit the official Google Helpout website to participate in the program and to express your interest in joining the program.