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Google Helpout - First Look When Creating your Listing

Google Helpout - First Look When Creating your Listing

Image: daniel sandoval

Have you got a favourite hobby, professional or life skill that you would like to share with others - and get paid for it? That's what the new platform, Google Helpout, promises to deliver. At the moment the service is not open to the public, so these steps is an inside look before the platform goes live!

Enter your Invitation Code

You will first need to visit helpouts.google.com and if you have an invitation code, enter it into the invite code box. As of this writing, only those with an invitation code can join Google+ Helpout.

Helpout Listing

Example of a Helpout listing.

Once you enter your code and click "go" you will be asked to select an account from which to use for Helpouts. I selected my personal account because that's the one most people know me by and it's where I am most active on. Once you select the account, Google Helpout will prompt you to create a listing. A listing simply tells people how much you charge for your service, what help you can offer and your qualifications etc.

If you get stuck during the process, there's also a number that you can call that will connect you to a Google Helpout representative. 

Creating a listing is a three step process - describe your listing, add a photo or banner that describes your service, then preview and submit.

1. Describing your Helpout Listing

Describe what your Helpout lisitng is all about.

This page allows you to enter the information regarding the listing you want to offer. There are helpful tips along the way, and examples in each box to help you write your listing.

Sign up to Google Wallet to Accept Payments

Sign up to Google Wallet to accept payments.

There are two options to deliver your Helpout service - either as a paid or as a free service. If you elect to provide a paid service, you will be prompted to sign-up to use Google Wallets in order to accept payments.

Pricing your Service


You will also be asked to put a price on your Helpout service. This is really hard to do because it's hard to gauge how much you should be charging. However at the end of the process, there is the opportunity to look at how others have priced themselves, and to go back and edit your pricing. As Google Helpout becomes more established you will be able to get a better idea of what the going rate is for your service.

2. Add your Photo

Add your photos

The next step is self-explanatory - add your photo. Google recommends that you select a photo that is at least 900 pixels wide. Ideally it should be a photo that best describes what your Helpout is about.

3. Preview and Submit

Preview your Helpout listing.

The last stage is to preview that Google creates of your image, plus all the information you've entered about your Helpout.

Your Search Result

Google Helpout search results.

Google will also generate a search result which looks like the one above. This search result will appear in the Helpout directory listing, and it's the first thing that people will see. So it's important to make a good first impression and spend time on your listing.

After reviewing your listing, the last step is to submit it for review by the Google+ Helpout team.

Schedule a Short Introductory Helpout Session

Schedule an introductory session with the Helpout team.

After you submit your listing you are given the opportunity to schedule a short introductory Helpout session with the Helpout team to complete the submission process. According to Google the purpose of the session:

"...allows us to learn more about your background, communication skills, and comfort level with online video. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions before your listing goes live on Helpouts."

There is also an opportunity to add an intro video, to create another Helpout or to make edits to your listing.